Donna has never expressed irritation or tried to talk me into anything nor has she ever indicated a lack of interest in showing more houses. Admittedly, I am slow to make up my mind and have always had a need to look at almost everything, hence taking up a lot of an agent's time. Always, she has returned every call I'd ever left her -- and in a timely manner! That has always impressed me. If pushed, the only negative thing that comes to mind is my inability to talk her into selling me the two chairs facing her office desk! Paul Agriesti
When I first came to Santa Fe, Donna helped my husband and me find a nice place to rent for two years. Then she led us to the beautiful home that we purchased and where I still live. Since Donna is a native of the area and has been in Real Estate for such a long time, she certainly knows every nook and cranny of Santa Fe County! Her knowledge, her desire to help, and range of contacts in the business are the keys to her success. Ann Aceves, Homeowner
I was very fortunate on my first Real Estate venture in New Mexico to meet Donna Saiz, and she has represented me on four highly successful negotiations. Should the occasion present itself in the future, I would contact Donna immediately -- and, only Donna. My advice to anyone else would be to do the same. Donna's professional style and performance is the "summa cum laude" in the Real Estate world of New Mexico. Louis E. Bradley
I have worked with Donna since I arrived in Santa Fe in 1994. She has assisted me in the buying and selling of two houses, and has been a constant support and friend. I can't say enough about her expertise, loyalty and knowledge of the area. Linda Leslie
I have known Donna Saiz since High School. Donna is the same caring and real persona she was so many years ago. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Donna in our professional lives. She is honest, knowledgeable, calm, dependable, professional and gracious. AWAYS! I certainly hope that Donna decides to mention in her advertising that she is homegrown girl. She grew up here, went to school here, has raised her family here and has chosen to continue to live here. Not for the Santa Fe that is advertised but because this is where her soul resides. Gloria Roybal, Escrow Officer for First American Title Co.